A bit of self aggrandizement

Someone said I should right a summary of myself in third person, so I did. Disclaimer: This is not narcissism and I usually talk in the first person.

When Levi was the tender age of three, he latched onto his brothers after school art programs classrooms doorframe. With the might of a determined child, he hung onto the frame till the teacher convinced his mother to sign him up for classes a year early. This dedication and enthusiasm for the creative process has not ebbed since then, although Levi’s social skills have improved greatly.

Levi has worked for prestigious companies such as Adobe and Shareability, where the video he helped in the production with surpassed the expected 2.5 million views over its run to over 6 million.

He has lead full promotional campaigns for statewide events that garnered sold out showings in several cities.

Levi’s fine artwork has shown internationally as well.

Leadership and teamwork has been in the forefront of Levi’s upbringing. His time in the Scouting program, where he attained the rank of Eagle Scout, has trained him to be a leader, long term planner, excellent team player and extremely service minded.

If you want a team member with this kind of dedication, wealth of experience in a varied well of knowledge, someone who knows the difference between skill and talent, and is ever growing his skillset.
Then Levi Rosen is the right choice to get the job done and done well.

I also have me resume below if you want to take a peek!